Northhold is a similar sized city to Elyisa surrounded by walls that has even divided through the center that separates the nobles to the northern posh area and the south to the not so noble people. The city seems to be attacked alot by orges and bug bears, the bugbears come from the forest close to the north city gate.

The city seems to be run by a circle of nobles that put in alot of laws most of them aren't that great like there is a curfew at 10pm as after that time the pick pockets had been quite active, this caused problems for taverns and pubs alike. 

This is also the city that Melech came from he was last here a year before the party had met each other this the place where Melech became a folk hero raising the people to change the city laws at least 1 was known to have been changed.

Current known Locations:
Tooth N Trent – A Tavern in the Noble area that is owned/run by a man named Marcus Scythe. A man that likes his Drinks as well as a good hunt.
Trash N Ape – A pub not to far from the Tooth N Trent tavern this place is under shared management. Melech is such a partner as well as a female Tiefling named Elisa who keeps the place running. There is another part owner as well

Woodmen's Guild - A guild of very good archers/rangers that also seem to have a dislike for the city guards


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