Auric Claw

A bounty Hunter Guild

On the surface this is another bounty hunter guild using magically bound contracts to make certain these people who sign the contract are the ones that get the rewards once the contract is completed there will be a marker on the contract that shows this so when it is handed to the guild member in charge of dealing with contracts and or payments will know it has been fulfilled.

The reward money or item will be on the contract and won't or can't be changed as this is the agreed price for the task.

The contracts can range from obtaining certain ingredients, to killing creatures or both and at time there is a few unusual contracts that pop up. The contract can be made from people out side of the guild ie a mage might want some ingredients for a spell and can't get them and so he or she goes to the guild arranges a contract and reward for it and awaits for the completion and the items to be delivered via the guild.

More on the guild itself:
Auric Claw's front is in central city, Elyisa how ever the guild hall is else where near by  as the founder of said guild is an ancient gold dragon. Years ago using his followers to protect the lands they formed a group that later became a guild the means and ideals stayed the same but as it expanded over time and became more business like the name got changed to Auric Claw and the true reason for this guild and the creature that resides near it became a secret to those that are bound by magic to the guild to protect the Dragon and also save people being scared of living near a dragon.

Auric Claw

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