Chaos within the Kingdom of Arrun

Session 02 - The groups first contract

GM'd by Dave

The next day the group got gathered together to meet a gnome in the Auric Claw contract hall the place where contracts where stored  and separated out in to pigeon holes over seen and to be given out by this gnome. after some idle chit chat and the gnome getting Pod Rick to show him that he could use druidic magic how ever this was kept away from Sir Tarquin Rose and the others who just thought of young Pod Rick as just another squire, however Nemeia, being a druid her self noticed the simple magic spell he had done to give life to a small plant in a pot.

The contract once signed by them all asked for the head of certain orc leader at an orc fort off to the NE of Elyisa that had been raiding traveling caravans on their trade routes, there was also a bonus for burning down their fort as well. The guild had provided a caravan for them to guard and after much discussions between the party members they came up with a plan!

It was a quiet trip to which Nemeia spoke with Pod Rick about druid craft and some simple spells. Once the caravans got near to the area that they have been attacked alot, the group put the plan in to motion and split the caravan only the barrels of oil, wine and the empty barrels for each of them to get in and await being captured. Sure enough the small caravan they was on got attacked the small crew left to guide them gave up the caravan quickly and left with out getting harmed and the Orcs took their rewards in to their fort.

Several hours later once it got dark the party quietly as they could be escaped barrels and started to set the oil barrels in to position how ever a couple of the patrols caught the sight of the big green orange haired Tiefling and so the fighting began on top of the forts walls. Mean while keeping out of sight and out of the way of the fighting Pod Rick continued to maneuverer the barrels in to position  evntually all that was left was the leader who only had time to put his breast plate on at the sudden night attack and was quickly dispatched as this was going on the oil had been spread and lit on fire. 

Once the head had been taken back and proof of the place had been burnt down they got their contracted reward for the job well done.



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